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Fri, Feb 21th 2014:
Updated PDF Export To Data Load to 1.2.1 by adding a header ...

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| About NativeProductionTool | ScreenShots | Documentation | ScreenCasts | Version History |

This Litigation Support tool is used to create "Native Productions" from a top-level of native electronic documents.

There are countless file renaming programs available for free on the internet, so I've always been able to create a native production by running my files through a couple of passes of my favorite tool. However, this always required more than one pass, extra little tweaks and, more importantly, required me to remember how I did it last time.

What I wanted was a static tool that was Litigation Support specific, to facilitate a native production. (Being able to add file hash digesting in the future was an item on my wishlist too) It had to be intuitive. It had to allow me to create an ascending bates number. It had to allow me to add custom text to the file names and it had to give me a cross reference file with "OldName", "NewName" and a hash digest, with an algorithm of my choosing. All this and it had to get rid of the issue where, if it failed on one file, I have to start the process all over.

NativeProductionTool solved all of these for me.

Please note: This program does not come with a warranty. You use it at your own risk.


Special Note: If the program finds a file that it can't change the name of, which usually only happens if the name is to long (Windows has a full path limit of 255), it will skip that file, writing that into the error long, but it will also reserve that bates number. This was done on purpose.

Let's say that you finished processing and you have 1 or 2 files that didn't make it because the name was too long. You should just be able to: open the error log, find the name and shorten it, then manually copy the file with the shortened name, since it reserved FOO088437 for you and went on to FOO088438 for the next file.

All bugs and comments should go to the email address on the about tab.


NativeProduction.Zip Current Version .02 (beta) Current, most stable version. If you are not sure which to choose, choose this one. Testing Version .03_RC2 (beta) Version currently being tested by a test group of about 25 people. From which I've already received quite a bit of very useful feedback, so I thank you Very much.
NativeProduction_CVS_Build CVS Nightly Build Version .04 (beta) This version represents the program as it's being created. When I check my code into CVS, it's automatically built and made available here. This is only here to serve as an example of where the program is going. This should never be used in real productions and may contain bugs, errors and may actual break previously working features as I refine the methods and add new functionality.

Next Version?:

If you're interested in being a beta tester for this program, please either send me an email or post to the forum.