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Fri, Feb 21th 2014:
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(Concordance Heuristic Admin Interface)

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Chai is a Concordance administration program, replacing functions that you would otherwise resort to CPL for, and adding some new ones. Concordance, by LexisNexis, is an application for electronic discovery and document management.

The idea with Chai, is to create an administration interface that is easy enough that someone without a background in CPL, can still perform some pretty advanced functions and feel comfortable with what the function will do, without having to read or edit or find the CPL. I think Concordance 10 is a huge step forward in terms of the end user (reviewer) experience and I think what needs to be updated next is the Administrator's experience. This is where I think Chai fits in.

I think the ultimate goal would be to rewrite all the CPLs in this interface, making a much smaller list of different selectable scripts but keeping the number of utilities and tools the same, and adding utilities that are not currently available in CPL. All of these functions would be done with dialogs that would allow you to customize the fields and perhaps functionality. This should reduce the confusion created by having multiple, and sometimes nondescript, CPLs, that all really accomplish the same task.

I would appreciate any comments or feedback. You can email me using the link on the left.

Please note: This program does not come with a warranty. You use it at your own risk.

Please post any bugs or comments in the forum, linked on the front page.


Chai_v1_0_1-10x.Zip v1.0.0 For Concordance 10.x Chai installer for use with Concordance 10.x series.
Chai_v1_0_1-8x_9x.Zip v1.0.0 For Concordance 8.x and 9.x Chai installer for use with Concordance 8.x and 9.x series.